Industrial Shrink Wrap FAQs

What type of sheeting should I use for industrial shrink wrapping? Our 190µm sheeting is ideal for industrial shrink wrap applications. This grade of shrink wrap is available in 7 different sizes, so is suited for projects of any size. All … Continued

Scaffold Shrink Wrap FAQs

What type of sheeting should I use for scaffold shrink wrapping? Our 300µm sheeting is ideal for scaffold shrink wrap applications. This grade of shrink wrap is flame retardant, and is available in two sizes of 7m x 15m and … Continued

All you need to know about shrink wrap heat guns

A guide to the types and applications of shrink wrap heat guns Shrink wrap is different from other coverings because it creates a drum tight, moulded fit over the object it covers. Because it cannot flap or chafe, it is … Continued

Oil and Gas shrink wrap solution

Shrink Wrap provides the ideal solution for various containment and protection issues facing the Oil and Gas market. Our products and services are predominately used on structures, equipment and machinery in the upstream sector: Maintenance containment The structures of drilling … Continued

Tufcoat protects heritage conservation projects

Our shrink wrap has been used to enable work on World heritage listed sites such as Stonehenge Visitor Centre, Canterbury Cathedral’s Oculus Window and other restoration projects such as Castell Coch. Tufcoat understands the importance of why Heritage sites require … Continued

Tufcoat overcomes difficult bridge access challenge

The Battersea Rail Bridge, one of central London’s oldest bridges, recently began renovation work to increase its life span by at least 100 years. Tufcoat were contracted by Rainham Industrial Services to encapsulate the scaffold structure around one of Battersea … Continued

10 Year Anniversary

Tufcoat celebrates its 10 year anniversary in July, we’re striving to grow and develop our business further to ensure we enjoy even greater success over the next decade. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the customers … Continued

Bird Deterrent for Temporary Shipbuilding Shelter

Tufcoat were approached by Piriou to encapsulate their 44 metre naval training ship. Due to the shipyard’s proximity to the sea, the structure presented an obvious habitat for seagulls and a bird deterrent for temporary shipbuilding shelter was required. Tufcoat have previous … Continued