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Shrink Wrap Internal partitionA popular industrial application of our shrink wrap films is for internal partitions. These are commonly used on building interiors such as warehouses or production lines during expansion or renovation works to the premises.

The key reason for using an internal partition is to segregate one area from another. A prominent example is screening production lines or sensitive areas in the premises away from any debris or waste that can occur from work being carried out. Factories often wish to remain functional while work is taking place. Contamination from construction debris will adversely affect the capability of production, which could lead to poor output or damage to existing objects in the area.

To create the internal partition, shrink wrap is used to encapsulate a scaffold structure around the area that needs to be screened off. Typically our 190µm shrink wrap is used for internal partition projects where debris such as dust or dirt needs to be contained.

Final seal methods such as patch tape, batons and expanding foam are often used to provide further containment. This ensures that the area is fully sealed off from contaminants, and that no debris can enter though any holes or gaps that may have been left.

We have carried out Internal Partitions for a number of high profile projects. Our shrink wrap was used to protect production areas during expansion works for: Bombardier’s Belfast warehouse, Games Workshop’s Nottingham warehouse and the food production line for Nature Delivered. We also produced an internal partition for the Coca Cola bottling plant during works to replace machinery.

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