We supply a marine shrink-wrap sheeting to create a ‘drum tight’ cover providing protection for yacht transport or storage and marine refit projects. 

Our customers are based throughout Europe and are involved in boat, yacht and ship building, the superyacht industry and Naval Defence refits.

Providing an installation service using experienced teams based in the UK and throughout Europe, we are able to complete projects of any size.

Tufcoat is widely installed in the Mediterranean for the superyacht industry with our partner in Palma, UnderCover Solutions.

Teams in the UK provide installation services to Naval Defence refits and superyachts as well as the leisure boat market.

We can supply materials and accessories with European standards for the creation of shrink-wrap covers, superyacht tents and refit shelters.

As a manufacturer with European stockists, we can maintain stock levels to meet demand with products dispatched and delivered within 24 hours subject to location & time of order.

We ensure project requirements are met quickly and effectively.

We can shrink-wrap boats of all types and sizes using our own expert installation teams or we can provide the materials to anyone wishing to shrink wrap their own boats get in touch to get a quotation of for further information.