Modular Building Covers

Tufcoat shrink-wrap creates modular building covers providing temporary protection for off-site projects during transportation or storage on site.

Shrink-wrap Modular Building Covers

Tufcoat specialises in off-site construction projects by creating modular building covers for transport and storage protection.

Shrink-wrap covers provide excellent transport protection for abnormal loads and modular buildings against heavy dirt and motorway contaminants as well as offering longer-term storage protection prior to transit or once delivered to site.

Unlike traditional covers, secured with ratchet straps to the transport vehicle, Tufcoat shrink-wrap is heat-shrunk around the module, creating a drum-tight cover which can be recycled once removed.

Additionally, covers can be modified to include access doorways, inspections hatches and smaller lifting points which ensures that the cover maintains its integrity even if further work is required internally.

Our teams can work around the production schedule to wrap modules prior to collection or alternatively we offer a shrink-wrap training course specifically designed for this application.

If you are interested in a shrink-wrap installation for your project, get in touch.

Features and benefits

Tufcoat shrinks drum tight

‘Drum-tight’ fit

Tufcoat shrinks in two directions to produce a tight modular building cover.

Project Aesthetics

Project aesthetics

Enhances appearance during transport additional stickers can be installed for branding.

Adverse Weather Protection

High performance

Shrink-wrap provides excellent protection against motorway speeds avoiding sheeting detachment.

100% Recyclable

100% recyclable

Shrink-wrap can be recycled once removed, providing it is not contaminated.

Flame Retardant

Flame retardant

Approved by Certifire to TS63 internally & TS62 externally and Certified to BS: EN13501 Class B standard.

190 Micron Shrink-wrap

190 micron LDPE

190µm shrink-wrap creates the perfect balance between the size of the roll, its weight and manageability for installation.

Zipped access hatches and doorways

Access for inspection or lifting points

Our zipped access products can provide access for personnel to gain access or create lifting points.

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Shrink-wrap covers provide both storage and transportation protection of modules.

Modular Building Covers using Shrink-wrapped for transport protection

How are modular covers made?

There are three typical methods, full encapsulation, five-sided or single face cover.

Full encapsulation requires the unit to be lifted to place a bottom sheet underneath to be taped in place to create overlapped welds, an addition sheet is then draped over the top of the unit and welded to the bottom sheet before being shrunk.

The roof & sides method uses a perimeter belt at the base of the unit to weld the shrink-wrap around and the single face method uses batten to fix the wrap to the module.

The Tufcoat shrink-wrap did an incredible job of protecting our modules. The journey took two days and the weather was atrocious for most of it. Without Tufcoat, the rain would have soaked all the quality fittings and oak floor and the wind would probably have ripped off the chimney cowls and gutters.

Peter Watts

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