Wraphix™ printed shrink-wrap, exclusively from Tufcoat, allows customers for the first time to print logos or images directly onto our 300µm Flame retardant scaffold shrink-wrap.
Wraphix printed shrink-wrap

Tufcoat developed Wraphix™ to add an additional visual value to our scaffold shrink-wrap range of products. Branding is often requested when speaking to new customers and the only available options are stickers or PVC banners, products at opposite ends of a price spectrum!

Wraphix™ printed shrink-wrap uses Tufcoat Certifire 300-micron flame retardant film to comply with the highest standards onsite and also to match our other Certifire product range should the branded sections be used in addition to non-branded shrink-wrap.

We have combined high-quality digital print, using flame retardant inks, with our own 300-micron flame retardant shrink-wrap to enable logos and imagery to be printed directly onto our wrap for the first time eliminating additional requirements for working at height.

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Features and benefits

Tufcoat shrinks drum tight

‘Drum-tight’ fit

Tufcoat shrinks in 2 directions to produce a tight moulded for improving wind resistance.

Project Aesthetics

Project aesthetics

Enhances external appearance giving a professional looking covering to the scaffolding site.

Adverse Weather Protection

High performance

Shrink-wrap provides excellent protection from high winds and rain once installed.

100% Recyclable

100% recyclable

Shrink-wrap can be recycled once removed, providing it is not contaminated.

Flame Retardant

Flame retardant

Approved by Certifire to TS63 internally & TS62 externally and Certified to BS: EN13501 Class B standard.

300 Micron Shrink-wrap

300 micron suited for construction projects

Thickness to suit weather protection and containment applications in construction.

Containment Sheeting

No breaks in the sheeting

Tufcoat provides excellent containment for abrasive blasting works.



Branded shrink-wrap provides the same containment with the added benefit of branding.

Do I need a subframe?

Wraphix™ printed shrink-wrap doesn’t require an expensive Key-Clamp subframe it can be installed exactly like white shrink-wrap or using sheeting ledgers.

Getting the design right!

Our in-house creative team will work with existing artwork or help create print-ready designs for your approval planning the layout to look great on the scaffold.

Flame retardant

Wraphix™ printed shrink-wrap uses Certifire Flame retardant 300-micron shrink-wrap combined with FR rated Ink, approved to TS62 and TS63.

Wraphix™ Printed Shrink-wrap

How does printed shrink-wrap work?

Wraphix™ Printed Shrink-wrap is produced on a specially designed 3.2m wide roll, which can be printed in lengths up to 30m, we advise this maximum length due to the weight of the roll, however strips can be welded together to create a continuous appearance.

To create the branded lift additional ledgers must be installed level with the top hand rails to span 2 lifts. This 2m distance will allow the material to be welded at the top and bottom to hide the welds. 

I think the actual two weeks that they had to install was reduced down to about six days. So we put Tufcoat under a great deal of pressure with a new product and they really stole the show with what was produced in the end.

We’ve had lots of comments from the media and through social media, so it’s worked well for us.

Rich Barnes, JEM Scaffolding

The end result was actually better than what we had imagined. We’ve had major contractors come to us since and ask about who supplied us with the printed wrap”.

Carlo Cinque, Westward Housing Group

What makes Our scaffold shrink-wrap different?

Tufcoat shrink-wrap is manufactured to our unique formula.

We don’t repackage other companies products which gives us control over the manufacturing process, maintained in accordance with ISO14001 and ISO9001 – a standard which we have maintained since 2005.

As a premium product, Tufcoat 300 micron shrink-wrap is approved by Warringtonfire Certifire scheme tested annually to TS62 and TS63, it also complies with BS: EN13501 class B, d0, s1.

We can install the scaffold shrink-wrap using our own expert specialists or we can provide the training and materials to anyone wishing to do it themselves.

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