Rolling Stock

Tufcoat shrink-wrap creates a strong and durable cover keeping trains, equipment and assets protected during transport and storage.

Working within the rail sector Tufcoat supply and install manufactured shrink-wrap covers to protect rolling stock assets for storage but also during repair and maintenance periods.

Applying this innovative protection to rolling stock sector, we offer a unique solution built upon our extensive experience within the aerospace and wider engineering sectors, our covers are made from polyethlene which has a superior fit to conventional covers and are 100% recyclable.

We have wrapped single engines and multiple carriages, these projects share the same basic need, to keep items in the desired condition for extended periods of time.

Whether for a long journey on an exposed low-loader or being sat outside through all weather conditions, choosing the right protection for the units is vital.

Conventional covers have the benefit of being able to be used multiple times, however, this is based on the idea that they are returned after the first use, and that no damage has occurred. Tufcoat rolling stock covers mitigate the need to return, clean and maintain conventional covers.

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Features and benefits

Tufcoat shrinks drum tight

‘Drum-tight’ fit

Tufcoat shrinks in 2 directions to produce a tight moulded cover for improving wind resistance.

Project Aesthetics

Project aesthetics

Enhances external appearance giving a professional-looking covering during storage or transport.

Adverse Weather Protection

High performance

Shrink-wrap provides excellent protection from high winds and rain once installed.

100% Recyclable

100% recyclable

Shrink-wrap can be recycled once removed, providing it is not contaminated.

Flame Retardant

Flame retardant

Approved by Certifire to TS63 internally & TS62 externally and Certified to BS: EN13501 Class B standard.

190 Micron Shrink-wrap

190 micron

190µm shrink-wrap creates the perfect balance between the size of the roll, its weight and manageability for installation.

Zipped Access

Zipped Doors​

Maintain cover integrity during inspections by resealing access hatches.



Shrink-wrap covers provide both storage and transportation protection for carriages & engines.

We are always looking for innovative ways to optimise and maintain the condition of our assets, which is why we’ve been trialling shrink wrap technology on our Class 317s in partnership with Tufcoat.

Angel Trains

What makes our shrink-wrap different?

Tufcoat shrink-wrap is manufactured to our unique formula.

We don’t repackage other companies products which gives us control over our manufacturing process, maintained in accordance with ISO14001 and ISO9001 – a standard which we have maintained since 2005.

As a premium product, Tufcoat 300 micron shrink-wrap is approved by Warringtonfire Certifire scheme tested annually to TS62 and TS63, it also complies with BS: EN13501 class B, d0, s1.

We can install the scaffold shrink-wrap using our own expert specialists or we can provide the training and materials to anyone wishing to do it themselves.

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