Shrink-wrap TRAINING

Whether you are an employer looking to upskill your workforce or have a small one-off project, this course acts as an introduction to the techniques and best practice.

Industrial shrink-wrap training

We understand that not every requirement is the same, so our team will organise training catered to what works best for you.

From learning how to position and weld sheets on scaffolding to covering products of any shape or size, Tufcoat will ensure you have the confidence to develop your expertise on your own projects.

Up to four operatives can take part in the hands-on course at a time. We know it can be hard freeing up manpower for the day, so as well as offering training at our facility, we can also work around your schedule to deliver the training at your premises.

Our trainers are part of our installations teams so have years of practical experience delivering shrink wrap projects of any nature and can share real-world insights on the day.

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Course Overview

Tool Box Talks


The fundamental introduction to the tools and supplies used by the 'sheeter' and the focus of working safely during the training and in different environments.


There are many best practice tips which are delivered during our courses, covering the planning of projects and setup of structures, to simple installation tips.


The main focus of the practical area of the course is ensuring candidates are competent with the gas guns, creating welds and shrinking the wrap.

Shrink-wrap Training for scaffolding

The Tufcoat scaffolding shrink-wrap course has been designed around the core skills required to encapsulate scaffold projects.

To ensure all attendees have sufficient practice with the heat tools, a simple scaffold is erected to repeat the exercise of creating welds and shrinking the material.

Being a very hands-on session, candidates need to be able to use the heat tool and make mistakes in a controlled environment rather than on a live project.

The course covers aspects of wrapping scaffolding; starting with toolbox talks to assessing structures and the best approaches wrapping as well as creating welds and shrinking the sheeting.

Once attendees can demonstrate the core skills and best practice, they receive Tufcoat certification and we advise that they are supervised by an experienced sheeter, at least until they are confident working on live projects.

Tufcoat’s trainers can assist and oversee on your first few projects to ensure a smooth transition to delivering your shrink-wrap projects but we recommend that projects reflect the experience of the installation team.

If you are interested in a scaffold shrink-wrap training course or getting more information.

Shrink-wrap training for modular and industrial assets

Shrink-wrap training for industrial assets

Despite the basic methodology being the same, shrink-wrapping a modular unit takes a different approach to shrink-wrapping scaffolding.

That is why when we conduct training for modules, industrial assets and manufacturing applications, we come to you and complete the session on the typical object you want to protect.

From understanding the best way to set out sheeting, to installing access and lifting points, your operatives will gain practical techniques relevant to the intended application.

Once candidates are comfortable and competent working with the heat tool to shrink and create welds, the instructor advises wrapping methodology and product selection.

Training sessions suit groups between 1-4 people which gives each attendee enough 1 on 1 time with the trainer during the session.


If you are interested in a shrink-wrap training course.

shrink-wrap training FAQs

Our training courses cover an introduction to using shrink-wrap, this includes the core skills such assessing the project prior to opening a roll of shrink-wrap, creating welds and shrinking off the wrap.

We recognise that our course and certification provides candidates with the introductory knowledge to use the product, however working on a live project, especially for scaffolding, can expose inexperience which is why we always advise caution when taking on high risk projects soon after training.

Our business unit is based in Devon, however we also provide training at your premises or on projects, with prior agreement. 

We can be flexible regarding booking training, we can accommodate most requests within 7-10 working days.

Course prices start at £1295, for up to 4 attendees, based upon location and specified application. Expenses not included for offsite sessions.

Our courses usually last around 5 hours, this is based upon 4 attendees. 

Tufcoat provide a certificate of completion for candidates who successfully demonstrate the required core skills to the trainer during the course. At present there is not an NVQ or accredited college which recognises shrink-wrap as a trade, which is why we started offering training back in 2005! 

We are happy to discuss your training requirements and answer any other questions you may have.

If you send us your contact details by filling in this form, a member of the team will be in touch to find out more about your enquiry.

We look forward to speaking with you!

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