oil and gas preservation

A shrink-wrap cover provides the most effective control for corrosion protection in offshore and onshore applications.

Storage of coated assets for an extended period can lead to deterioration of equipment and their coatings.

For subsea components that are to be used as part of projects where commissioning has been delayed, there is often a need for them to be stored for a significant period of time until they are required.

Tufcoat shrink wrap can be used to encapsulate subsea components in storage and provides the ideal solution to help protect against factors such as UV radiation and dust contamination which can cause damage to sensitive areas of components.

Shrink-wrap covers can also be modified to include windows for moisture indicators which can easily be observed whilst in storage. The addition of small zipped hatches makes the replacement of desiccant a simple task without the need to completely remove the cover.

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Features and benefits

Tufcoat shrinks drum tight

‘Drum-tight’ Fit

Tufcoat shrinks in 2 directions to produce a tight moulded cover for improving wind resistance.

Project Aesthetics

Project Aesthetics

Enhances external appearance by creating a professional looking cover which fits drum-tight .

Adverse Weather Protection

High Performance

Shrink-wrap provides excellent protection from high winds and rain once installed.

100% Recyclable

100% Recyclable

Shrink-wrap can be recycled once removed, providing it is not contaminated.

Flame Retardant

Flame Retardant

Approved by Certifire to TS63 internally & TS62 externally and Certified to BS: EN13501 Class B standard.

190 Micron Shrink-wrap

190 Micron

Tufcoat 190µm shrink-wrap offers a durability whilst not compromising the overall weight of the packaged roll.

Ultra Violet Inhibitors

Ultra Violet Inhibitors

Tufcoat shrink-wrap is UV Resistant >12 months based on ISO 4892-2 exposures.



Shrink-wrap covers provide both storage and transportation protection of products.

How effective are shrink-wrap covers?

Shrink-wrap provides a durable, drum-tight cover, unique to the product it protects.

A study into the preservation of coated pipes for long term storage, found shrink-wrap  outperformed 20 other preservation methods, with significant cost savings.

Tufcoat shrink-wrap includes UVI to protect coatings and because the cover fits tightly it overcomes the problems of detachment and failure in high winds. 

Nine times of ten the units go straight out to the client from completion; it is only towards the end of production that they would ask for them to be stored.

Shrink-wrap is the best and most efficient method for protecting them. For jobs not so critical tarpaulins are an option but even then we advise clients this is not a long term solution, we would use shrink-wrap on every project.

Tufcoat provided a very good service. All the guys on site were good, they worked well and safely.

Sean Nicholson, Operations Manager, Isleburn

What makes Our shrink-wrap different?

Tufcoat shrink-wrap is manufactured to our unique formula.

We don’t repackage other companies products which gives us control over our manufacturing process, maintained in accordance with ISO14001 and ISO9001 – a standard which we have maintained since 2005.

As a premium product, Tufcoat 300 micron shrink-wrap is approved by Warringtonfire Certifire scheme tested annually to TS62 and TS63, it also complies with BS: EN13501 class B, d0, s1.

We can install the scaffold shrink-wrap using our own expert specialists or we can provide the training and materials to anyone wishing to do it themselves.

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