Can you use shrink-wrap without scaffolding on construction projects?

Whether you can answer this question yes or no comes down to two factors: Can the area to be shrink-wrapped be accessed safely? Of particular note, is whether it is safe once the shrink-wrap is in position. What is the … Continued

Final seal provides absolute scaffold containment

When a project requires full containment of residue and debris, a shrink-wrap final seal provides the ideal solution. This process creates a join between areas where substances could escape, such as gaps between the shrink wrap sheeting and the floor, … Continued

Tufcoat overcomes difficult bridge access challenge

The Battersea Rail Bridge, one of central London’s oldest bridges, recently began renovation work to increase its life span by at least 100 years. Tufcoat were contracted by Rainham Industrial Services to encapsulate the scaffold structure around one of Battersea … Continued

Tufcoat reduces ecosystem disruption during Silver Jubilee Bridge Grit Blasting

The Silver Jubilee Bridge, originally built in 1961, required strengthening work to be carried out which involved the additions of new steel and concrete repairs. Tufcoat were contracted to provide shrink wrap encapsulation of the scaffolding to contain debris from … Continued