Tufcoat overcomes difficult bridge access challenge

The Battersea Rail Bridge, one of central London’s oldest bridges, recently began renovation work to increase its life span by at least 100 years. Tufcoat were contracted by Rainham Industrial Services to encapsulate the scaffold structure around one of Battersea … Continued

Tufcoat reduces ecosystem disruption during Silver Jubilee Bridge Grit Blasting

The Silver Jubilee Bridge, originally built in 1961, required strengthening work to be carried out which involved the additions of new steel and concrete repairs. Tufcoat were contracted to provide shrink wrap encapsulation of the scaffolding to contain debris from … Continued

Bird Deterrent for Temporary Shipbuilding Shelter

Tufcoat were approached by Piriou to encapsulate their 44 metre naval training ship. Due to the shipyard’s proximity to the sea, the structure presented an obvious habitat for seagulls and a bird deterrent for temporary shipbuilding shelter was required. Tufcoat have previous … Continued

London Scaffolding Shrink Wrap Sheeting

Tufcoat completed an interesting scaffolding wrap installation in central London this week. The client specified to us that they wanted the shrink wrap to be completely sealed against the five storey townhouse to prevent dust and debris affecting neighbouring properties … Continued

The Barbican Scaffold Shrink Wrapping

Tufcoat has completed another training session for the wrapping of scaffold with scaffold shrink wrap The scaffold film from Tufcoat. Working with Durston scaffolding, a small 10m x 10m structure was completely encapsulated, including the roof and sides, using a … Continued

Why use Industrial Shrink Wrap?

Using a heavy duty industrial grade shrink wrap to protect goods for storage or transport results in a moulded covering, ‘as tight as a drum skin’ which provides peace of mind that the product will remain protected in all conditions.