Industrial Shrink-wrap

Tufcoat industrial shrink-wrap creates a strong and durable cover keeping modules, equipment and assets protected during transport and storage. We manufacture our products in a range of roll sizes up to 14 m wide so even the largest item can be safely covered in a single sheet.

From helicopters to modular units, aircraft engines to oil and gas caissons, all industrial projects share the same basic need to keep items in factory condition for extended periods of time.

Whether from long a long journey on an exposed low-loader or being sat outside through all weather conditions, choosing the right protection for the units is vital.

The inadequate sheeting can at best leave items looking dirty and unprofessional, at worst damage them leading to costly repairs and project delays.

Tufcoat is heat shrunk to create a ‘drum tight’ and tear resistant covering over any shape to form a taut, bonded skin overcoming the disadvantages of conventional covers, such as tarpaulins, that can detach and cause damage during transport.

The film is manufactured with UV inhibitors and ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) to retain its elasticity and prevent the film becoming brittle when used for long-term storage.

Shrink-wrap creates a drum-tight cover

‘Drum-tight’ fit

Tufcoat shrinks in 2 directions to produce a tight moulded fir improving wind resistance.

Project aesthetics

Enhances external appearance giving a professional looking cover for assets in transit.

High performance

Shrink-wrap provides excellent protection from high winds and rain once installed.

100% recyclable

Shrink-wrap can be recycled once removed, providing it is not contaminated.

UV Resistant

Contains Ultra Violet inhibitors, tested to ISO 4892-2 to provide long term protection from the Sun.

190 Micron Shrink-wrap

190 micron suited for transport and storage

Thickness to protect assets during long-term storage or transportation.

Impact resistant

Tufcoat shrink-wrap is highly resistant to tears and impacts and certified to ISO 6383-2 and 7765-1.


Tufcoat shrinks in 2 directions to produce a tight moulded for improving wind resistance.​

What makes Tufcoat industrial shrink-wrap different?

Tufcoat shrink-wrap is manufactured to our unique formula.

We don’t repackage other companies products which gives us control over our manufacturing process, maintained in accordance with ISO9001 – a standard which we have maintained since 2005.

As a premium product, Tufcoat 300 micron shrink-wrap is approved by Warringtonfire Certifire scheme tested annually to TS62 and TS63, it also complies with BS: EN13501 class B, d0, s1.

We can install the industrial shrink-wrap using our own expert specialists or we can provide the training and materials to anyone wishing to do it themselves.

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Industrial Shrink WrapUsing a heavy duty industrial grade shrink wrap to protect goods for storage or transport results in a moulded covering, ‘as tight as a drum skin’, providing peace of mind that the product will remain protected in all conditions.


Shrink wrap types

‘Industrial grade’ wrap refers to a wrap of 180 micron thickness and above. Films are available in 5m, 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m and 14m widths, and rolls up to 70m long. This means that even the largest object can be covered. Pre-formed shrink wrap bags can be useful for smaller products or where a large number of products of similar shape and size require covering.


Wrapping for transport

Certain objects are vulnerable to damage during transport. For example, a cargo deck risks damage from extended exposure to salt spray and deposits from the ship’s funnel. This can be mitigated by shrink wrapping. Although very sharp edges needed to be padded before wrapping, (because the shrink wrap fits so tightly) most can simply be covered over without padding.


Wrapping for storage

Products can be shrink wrapped for outside storage, freeing up valuable space inside. All of Tufcoat’s films contain added ultra violet inhibitors to protect wrapped goods against UV damage when stored outside for long periods. Other additives prevent the film from becoming brittle at low temperatures.



Where goods will be wrapped for long periods of time, it is good practice to enable any trapped moisture to escape. Where voids exist underneath the cover, then the inclusion of a cloth bag containing a desiccant is very effective. Alternatively, self adhesive air vents ensure a cross flow of air beneath the cover.


Removal and disposal of wrap

Wrap is easy to remove and recycle. Because the wrap will only stick to itself and not the item being protected, the cover can simply be cut off. It is good practice to use a safety knife so that the product is not accidentally damaged when the cover is removed. The wrap is completely recyclable, and to dispose please contact your local recycling plant.