10 Year Anniversary

Shrink wrapping for 10 YearsTufcoat celebrates its 10 year anniversary in July, we’re striving to grow and develop our business further to ensure we enjoy even greater success over the next decade. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the customers and staff that have been invaluable to our success.

Tufcoat has grown financially year upon year for the last decade since its founding as Boatcoat in July 2004. One of the main reasons for the success has been down to the management who are the owners of the business. It was a lifestyle business for two men who quit their corporate jobs and decided to hit the road and travel nationwide shrink wrapping boats for transportation and storage.

These two ambitious men outgrew the ‘roady’ lifestyle as well as families taking a priority, so training customers and supplying tools and shrink wrap to customers was where the business turned to. The change in strategy saw increased growth and a niche in the market place for industrial shrink wrap. This was where the business idea really took off!

The demand for boats to be shrink wrapped was ever increasing and having selected agents nationwide trained to shrink wrap boats resulted in Boatcoat having opportunities to look at other markets where industrial shrink wrap could be used. This meant Boatcoat could diversify to meet new opportunities. A market was born. Tufcoat was born. The former corporate men/roadies found a new demand in the construction industry. There was a need for advanced encapsulation and containment on large structures to protect the environment around building sites from dust and debris generated by the site. It also improved the appearance of a construction site whilst the work is taking place.

Who would have thought that rolls of plastic would have such a need? The demand for industrial shrink wrap grew and this lead to hiring a local firm to warehouse the stock and also lead to the first appointment, hiring a sales administrator to take care of orders and also offer customer support. The business continued to grow and this resulted in a further 2 hiring’s of a sales executive and a marketing executive.

By the end of 2010 the workforce including owners was a grand total of 4! However, to cater for all needs of clients a new area of the business was created offering an installation service. The installation service consists of a mobile team who go out on the road installing shrink wrap on many objects from boats to bridges, however the predominant projects all revolve around the construction sector.

2011 saw a lot of change. Tufcoat grew significantly compared to previous years. We moved from our existing premise to Langage Business Park, were selling more shrink wrap than ever before, and increased our workforce from 4 people to 10 people. Despite recessions and other obstacles Tufcoat has continued to grow.

During the growth of the company there have been many challenges to overcome. The last 2 years have delivered the most, seeing one of the co-founders sell their share in the business to explore new opportunities. Furthermore, the installations division has restructured to enable it to remain competitive and expand further to continue to meet the demand for a service that has become one of the highest regarded in the industry.

Tufcoat remains embedded as a trusted wholesale partner, supplying hundreds of businesses from; ‘father and son’ scaffolds’, SME’s, Prime contractors and international organisations. This foundation has allowed us to organically grow the installations business both within the UK and internationally, which is of equal importance to our already successful wholesale business and pivotal in showcasing our products quality, level of service and expertise.

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