Scaffold Shrink Wrap FAQs

Scaffold shrink wrap applicationWhat type of sheeting should I use for scaffold shrink wrapping?

Our 300µm sheeting is ideal for scaffold shrink wrap applications. This grade of shrink wrap is flame retardant, and is available in two sizes of 7m x 15m and 12m x 15m.


How should the scaffolding be set up ready for shrink wrap?

We ask that the scaffold poles lie flush and that there are no protrusions. For temporary roofs we require boarded lifts spaced 1.5m apart. Hand rails are also needed.


Can you cut around scaffold poles and other objects such as trees?

We can cut our shrink wrap to manoeuvre around scaffold poles and other objects. However, we ideally ask that we only do this in circumstances where it is absolutely necessary and there is no other way for it to be avoided.


Do you supply the scaffold as well?

We only offer shrink wrap materials, installation services and training on projects, and don’t currently supply the actual scaffolding.