All you need to know about shrink wrap heat guns

A guide to the types and applications of shrink wrap heat guns Shrink wrap is different from other coverings because it creates a drum tight, moulded fit over the object it covers. Because it cannot flap or chafe, it is … Continued

Shrink to fit boat covers – Prevention is better than cure

Unfortunately with the “barbecue summer” behind us, winter season is coming fast! Why not use Boatcoat to safeguard your boat from weather damage in outdoor storage? Our shrink to fit boat covers do a much better job than conventional Tarpaulin … Continued

Two shrink wrapped boat tents in just two days!

One of our customers completed Two shrink wrapped boat tents in just two days. The first job consisted of covering a wooden structure over the deck of a 60′ vessel which was still afloat. The second job consisted of a … Continued

Boat Shrink Wrapping Whilst Afloat

Tufcoat can think outside the box when approaching projects Our London, UK based distributor Deckhands was approached by a number of customers who wished to protect their vessels against damage during winter storage but did not want to lift the … Continued

Cornish Crabber shrink wrapped – Transport to Canada

A couple of before and after pictures below showing a Cornish Crabber shrink wrapped to protect it during delivery from the factory to a customer in Canada. The Canadian customer specifically asked for shrink wrap – the shrink wrapping of … Continued

How to create a shrink wrap weld

The video, shot during actual boat shrink wrap jobs, introduces some basic techniques for those who are completely new to shrink wrapping boats and other large products. In the video, a Princess Yachts V42 is being shrink wrapped to protect … Continued

Shrink wrap boat covers for exhibition movements

An increasing number of boat builders in Europe are using shrink wrap boat covers for exhibition movements to protect their boats as they are moved between trade shows around the world. Using a shrink wrap boat cover means that boats … Continued

The benefits of using a shrink wrap boat cover

This is an article published in Power & Motor yacht By George L. Petrie, which highlights the benefit of using a shrink wrap boat cover to protect boats that are shipped as long distance deck cargo. An extract is included … Continued

Shrink wrap or tarpaulin for winter boat storage?

Shrink Wrap or tarpaulin? Unless you store your boat in a shed or building of some sort, you probably use, or have considered using, a cover to protect your investment against damage from weather, air pollution and bird droppings. Tarpaulins … Continued

Monterey 214 sports boat shrink wrap

We carried out the shrink wrapping of a Monterey 214 Sports Boat for protection during outside winter storage, with excellent results. The boat was shrink wrapped in the normal way. First a perimeter band of woven cord strapping was placed … Continued