Shrink to fit boat covers – Prevention is better than cure

shrink to fit boat coversUnfortunately with the “barbecue summer” behind us, winter season is coming fast!

Why not use Boatcoat to safeguard your boat from weather damage in outdoor storage?

Our shrink to fit boat covers do a much better job than conventional Tarpaulin with no chafing or flapping and are 100% weatherproof. They are also ventilated to prevent mildew formation and we can even fit zipped doors to give you easy access.

More and more local boatyards are offering the service now, giving you peace of mind. You can expect to unwrap your boat in the spring ready for use. Less cleaning means more time enjoying your boat!

We can find a solution for you using our Installation teams, and you can even do it yourself through with the shrink wrap materials we supply through our wholesale service.