Two shrink wrapped boat tents in just two days!

Shrink wrapped boat tents

One of our customers completed Two shrink wrapped boat tents in just two days.

The first job consisted of covering a wooden structure over tShrink wrapped boat tentshe deck of a 60′ vessel which was still afloat. The second job consisted of a large tent over a 100′ yacht to enable painting and other maintenance work to take place in winter.

The largest shrink wrap tent required 720 square metres of 300µm, flame retardant Tufcoat shrink wrap, which covered the scaffold structure right to the ground. Both jobs were completed in just two days by a team of four, despite the fact that these were the first shrink wrapped boat shelter jobs undertaken by this customer. The shrink wrap tents will enable work to take place during the winter, unhindered by the British weather!