Shrink wrap boat covers for exhibition movements

ABoat covers for exhibition movementsn increasing number of boat builders in Europe are using shrink wrap boat covers for exhibition movements to protect their boats as they are moved between trade shows around the world.

Using a shrink wrap boat cover means that boats do not have to be repeatedly cleaned at each exhibition – a time consuming and costly exercise. A boat shrink wrapping kit is available. In basic form the boat shrink wrapping kit consists of a hand held hot air gun, roll of shrink-wrap, tape and strapping. Shrink-wrap is available in a range widths up to 12m (40′) which means even the largest flybridge motor yacht can be covered with a single piece of shrink wrap without requiring any joins or welds.

When the shrink wrapped boat reaches the next exhibition or boat show, the shrink-wrap cover is simply cut off and bundled for disposal or recycling and the boat is in the same condition as when it left the last show – no matter what the road conditions were like en route! Because a shrink wrap boat cover shrinks ‘drum tight’, it creates a moulded fit over the boat and will not flap or chafe the boat like a tarpaulin.

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