Tufcoat protects heritage conservation projects

Importance of Heritage Conservation

Our shrink wrap has been used to enable work on World heritage listed sites such as Stonehenge Visitor Centre, Canterbury Cathedral’s Oculus Window and other restoration projects such as Castell Coch. Tufcoat understands the importance of why Heritage sites require conservation in the 21st Century.

These sites have a timeless value that will be lost once they have been damaged beyond repair. Heritage sites like Canterbury Cathedral and Stonehenge are part of our National identity, so need to be maintained to ensure that the unique features that form this identity remain intact for future generations.

The English Heritage provides guidance with how to approach conservation. They state that:

“Heritage sites add distinctiveness, meaning and quality to the places in which we live, providing a sense of continuity and a source of identity. Historic places are also social and economic assets. Historic places have to be understood as assets if the benefits that can be gained through new conservation investment are to be realised”.

Further reasoning and explanation as to the value of Heritage sites is given through The English Heritage’s values and framework which can be found here. The use of this framework, along with collaboration through local authorities and developers helps to give a clear explanation of why Heritage conservation is important.

It is vital that any Heritage conservation work carried out is done to the highest possible standard. Tufcoat can provide a product and service that can meet the needs of the conservation process. Our shrink wrap provides benefits such as weatherproofing, aesthetic value, containment and protection during work that is carried out.

For example, Tufcoat shrink wrap can help to significantly decrease downtime during conservation work often caused by conditions such as bad weather as our product can create a fully sealed weatherproof environment. This means that work normally stopped and delayed from the wind and rain can continue as planned.

Tufcoat have a number of upcoming Heritage projects in the near future where our shrink wrap will be used, and are excited to contribute to such an interesting and unique area of work.

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