We work with companies who are concerned about avoiding delays caused by adverse weather conditions or who need to prevent potential environmental contamination through applications like shot blasting; or companies who need to maintain a controlled environment for painting or fit-out, or who just want to ensure their site is professionally screened off to keep the adjoining businesses happy.

We use a fully recyclable shrink-wrap sheeting system that can be fitted to provide a complete seal against weather and dust ingress or egress that remains intact in high winds so that the sheeting integrity is maintained and work can continue unaffected in all weather conditions and delay penalties and environmental clean-up costs are avoided.

The business has two distinct areas of operation covering shrink-wrap supplies, training and installations;

The first deals with the wholesale of materials to a wide customer base predominantly in the UK and Europe, which is managed from the South West offices and warehouse, however we also manage a warehouse based in Spain which services our customer base in the Mediterranean.

The second operation encompasses the installation of our product by our trained workforce. Tufcoat has installation teams based in Scotland, the Midlands and the South and West of England ensuring that your project requirements are met quickly and effectively.