Industrial Shrink Wrap FAQs

Industrial Shrink WrapWhat type of sheeting should I use for industrial shrink wrapping?

Our 190µm sheeting is ideal for industrial shrink wrap applications. This grade of shrink wrap is available in 7 different sizes, so is suited for projects of any size. All the Shrink wrap sheeting and accessories you need are available through wholesale, and we also provide installation and training services.


How do I stop moisture building up?

A VCi emitter can be installed underneath the shrink wrap. This will help to reduce the effect of corrosion on metal by inhibiting the level of moisture in the internal environment.


Can the object be lifted after wrapping?

Yes. If required we can cut the shrink wrap around any lifting points to allow the item to be moved.


What level of protection does it provide?

Shrink wrap provides excellent protection for industrial objects from a variety of factors which could cause potential harm. Shrink wrap provides transport protection, preventing damage from dust and dirt contamination, and also from any scrapes the object may encounter. Furthermore, when an object is in storage, industrial shrink wrap provides protection from adverse weather such as rain and high levels of UV radiation.