Modular Shrink Wrap – Williams Southern

Module transport protectionProject: Sainsbury’s modular kiosk sections
Purpose: Encapsulation for transport protection
Client: Williams Southern
Products: 190µm Tufcoat Shrink Wrap

Tufcoat provided the modular shrink wrap of Kiosk sections for Williams Southern, one of the leading contractors in retail and forecourt construction in the UK.

A new method to construct smaller fuel stations of modular design called Micro Fuel Stations has been implemented by Sainsbury’s, for sites where the traditional format of building would be too large.

Williams Southern had constructed modules that would together form a Micro Fuel Station, that needed long-haul transportation to the Sainsbury site for which they were intended.

The units were approximately 2 metres x 5.8 metres x 5 metres, which ruled out conventional carriers and freight operators as a method of transportation. As the modules were prefabricated and ready to fit together when they reached site, protection was needed to maintain the high standard of finish that they left the factory with.

Modular Shrink Wrap

Due to the high value of the modules, it was vital that there was no damage during transport. Tufcoat provided a solution to the issue of transport protection.

Using our 190µm Shrink Wrap, we encapsulated the modules to provide a sealed, drum tight protective layer. This solution ensured complete protection from outside contaminants and factors that could have affected the quality of the product upon delivery, with no damage issues reported by the end client.

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