OIndustrial Shrink Wrapff-Site manufacturing and modular construction offer customers an efficient, cost-effective method of manufacturing many elements of both industrial and residential buildings.

The ability to control and deliver elements of their projects, taking the building process away from site reduces project downtime and improves safety.

Transporting modular buildings or units by road or sea to site, where potentially they will need to be stored even for a short period of time, can impact on the condition of the modules and this raises the issue of quality control.

modules Industrial Shrink WrapTarpaulins, modified haulage covers or even stretch wrap are all used to offer transport protection, however these products often fail during a journey or do not perform to the clients expectations. Tufcoat shrink wrap is draped over the module and then heat shrunk to create a drum tight cover. The tight fit means the cover cannot flap and ‘self destruct’ even at motorway wind speeds.

Providing an effective method of protecting modular buildings and units from weather damage during road transport or outside storage, Tufcoat is a strong and durable film, available in widths up to 14 metres and lengths up to 70 metres which means that even the largest module can be quickly covered without joins.

Our industrial grade shrink wrap is the largest available on the market and it ensures a stronger cover due to its size, as a join will always be the weakest point on any cover.

Installation methods will vary dependant on the item being protected but Tufcoat can provide entry and access to the inside of the units using our shrink wrap zipped doors and fit a cover around lifting points ensuring that the item is fully secure from the moment it leaves the factory.

Benefits of using Tufcoat shrink wrap for modular protection:

  • A shrink wrap cover ensures the unit arrives on site in the condition it left factory
  • Tufcoat’s large rolls means any size modular unit can be easily covered in one sheet, providing a quicker and more durable application
  • Our experts can help train a company to install the sheeting themselves and introduce the application into their manufacturing process