Modular plant rooms shrink-wrapped for 300 mile trip

Project – Modular plant rooms
Purpose –
Transport & storage protection
Client – Armstrong Integrated Systems
Product – Pre-made Shrink-wrap Bags

Tufcoat specialises in the production of custom shrink-to-fit covers for the protection of modules during transport or storage.

For over 10 years, we have supplied some of the leading companies within the offsite manufacturing sector with our products and understand the constraints when adding processes into an existing production process.

Armstrong Integrated Systems approached Tufcoat looking for a Transport Protection solution for their product after seeing similar modular plant rooms shrink-wrapped.

Their modules had been arriving on site and their client wasn’t satisfied with the appearance due to the dirt accumulating during motorway transport and the muddy conditions on site, which had been transferred to the units as they were stored awaiting to be completed.

Modular Plant Rooms Shrink-wrapped

Our solution was to pre-manufacture a shrinkable cover which could be easily installed at the factory and removed at the site. This solution allowed the final fit of the modules to continue right to the last minute before transportation because of the staff’s previous experience with shrink wrap.

Due to the space constraints within the factory and the tight deadline from when each of the sections was completed, to when the haulage company needed to load the modules, the pre-made covers saved time preparing our product within the factory whilst also minimising any waste from each roll of shrink-wrap.

The shrink-to-fit covers use 190µm film to create the ultimate protective barrier against the elements as the modules are transported over 300 miles to the Sainsbury’s site in Stirling.

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