Shrink wrap encapsulation for Coca Cola bottling plant debris containment

Coca Cola bottling plant debris containmentWhen Coca Cola wanted to replace one of their bottling lines, they needed to break up and replace the concrete floor for the new machine without the dust contaminating surrounding lines.

The solution was to create an encapsulation around the line using Tufcoat’s shrink wrap scaffolding cladding. 12m wide x 15m long, 300µm thick, flame retardant sheets were used for the roof whilst 7m wide x 15m long, 300µm thick, flame retardant sheeting was used for the sides. Where the sheets overlapped they were heat welded together to create a complete encapsulation with no holes or gaps between sheets. Finally we heat shrunk the entire sheeted area to give the project the unique ‘drum tight’ finish that our product is known for. Tufcoat have encapsulated a number of production lines in this way for a number of well kmown food & drink manufacturers, ensuring that building work can take place without compromising hygiene on nearby lines.

Tufcoat is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of shrink wrapping materials and equipment for the scaffolding, industrial and marine markets. Uniquely, we offer supplies for scaffold shrink wrapping, industrial encapsulation and marine shrink wrap alongside our experience and expertise in shrink wrapping. Our products are used in the field by our own installation teams and are subjected to some of the harshest environmental conditions as well as highest demanding projects such as grit blasting.

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