Self Adhesive Zips (1.8m)

Installation: Remove adhesive backing strip and position each zip on the surface, aligning them with zips accessible from the base of the opening, open the zip and cut the shrink-wrap to create a rollup door which can be resealed when required.
Thickness: 320µm
Opening height: 1.8 meters
Note: Self-adhesive zips are installed AFTER you have shrunk your project.



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Self-adhesive zips create access for moving materials, equipment and people into a sealed area. This means that the cover does not have to be removed and re-secured to gain access to the product underneath during industrial and marine projects, or to gain access into shrink-wrap structures on scaffold projects and internal partitions.

Self-Adhesive Zips are ideal for when wide access is required, or where a step is undesirable.

The Self-Adhesive Zips are sold in a pack of two and are 1.8m long. Benefits of using zip access include:

  • Ease of application – The zip is simply stuck down and applied to the desired area, with a knife then being used to cut the film underneath along the zip’s teeth to allow access through.
  • A diverse range of uses – Multiple zips can be used together. Two zippers can be applied side by side to the plastic cover, at any distance apart to create a custom-sized roll-up door.
  • No step – Roll-up doors don’t create a step, meaning heavy machinery or vehicles can be transferred through.


Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 20 × 1800 cm