Hatch Door (0.9m)


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The 0.9m Hatch Door is manufactured from 200µm polyethylene. The zipper is a ‘U’ shape and has pulls on each side to allow the zip to be opened from either side of the door.

The application process is incredibly easy, with the Hatch Door being simply taped on to the covering, and then cutting a hole in the underlying film inside the door area.

Using a Hatch Door means that:

  • Projects in the Marine, Industrial and Scaffold sectors can have a resealable method of access through the shrink wrap.
  • The cover does not have to be removed and re-secured to gain access to the product underneath.
  • There a no issues with complicated doorways and ugly duct tape seal-ups, as Tufcoat Hatch Doors provide a simple, aesthetically pleasing access solution.
  • There are multiple application options, as the Hatch Door can also be installed the other way up so that the rolled up portion of the door can be stepped over during entrance and exit.


Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 900 × 700 cm