Subsea Isolation Valve Shrink Wrap – Isleburn

Subsea Isolation Valve Shrink Wrap

Isleburn, the UK’s largest manufacturer of equipment for the international energy industry, has continued to trust Tufcoat for their encapsulation needs on long-term asset protection with a project wrapping multi-million-pound sub-sea units.

After successfully working together in the past to protect Caisson units, Isleburn contracted Tufcoat to wrap sub-sea units for outdoor storage at Nigg Energy Park, Scotland.

Sean Nicholson, the Operations manager at Isleburn, explains why encapsulation is vital for the projects:

“Nine times of ten the units go straight out to the client from completion; it is only towards the end of production that they would ask for them to be stored. These are mmulti-million pound units – the valves alone can be £2/3 million per valve with a couple years lead and production time on them.”

The sea-sea units are coloured bright yellow for the greatest visibility underwater. This means that not only are the high-value valves at risk of dust and dirt contamination when outdoors, UV damage can cause the paint to fade making them less visible underwater.

“The damage will be fairly substantial if they are not protected when they go into storage” said Sean. “Shrink wrap is the best and most efficient method for protecting them. For jobs not so critical tarpaulins are an option but even then we advise clients this is not a long term solution, we would use shrink wrap on every project. Tufcoat provided a very good service. All the guys on site were good, they worked well and safely.”

As part of the encapsulation service, Tufcoat continues to provide on-site support and repair work to ensure the units are contained and in perfect condition when ready to be used.

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