Site appearance for residential conversion

Fine Renovate London Shrink-wrap projectProject: Conversion of residential property 
Weather protection & site appearance
Client: Fine Renovate Ltd.
Flame retardant 300µm Tufcoat shrink wrap

Fine Renovate carries out construction services, maintenance for commercial and residential properties, their latest project required a temporary roof and encapsulation for the duration of the renovation works.

Project scope

As a developer with 25 years’ experience, Fine Renovate approached Tufcoat with specific requirements.

Primarily they needed to maintain a working environment whilst works to the property were under way. Their approach was to utilise two products to create a temporary roof and a curtain wall surrounding the upper lifts of the scaffolding.

A secondary consideration was to differentiate Fine Renovate projects from other similar developments by paying particular attention to the site appearance.

Typical products that they had used for the scaffold sheeting had been met with complaints from neighbouring residents due to the noise of loose sheeting after a short period. As a company working in London, they also valued the aesthetic appearance of their projects and recognised that using Tufcoat would enable them to extend their professionalism from inside the project to the site and surrounding area during works.

Operations Manager, Siobhan O’Connor commented

“As a main contractor, we decided to use a shrink-wrap system for a recent loft conversion.  Tufcoat provided us with an easy and friendly service that made the first time process very simple.

We chose Tufcoat for weather proofing, but mainly for the aesthetics compared to scaffolding wrapped in tarpaulin, which has proved problematic in the past with neighbours and the general look of the project.

We will be using Tufcoat regularly for future projects and would highly recommend them to anyone considering the move from traditional sheeting.”

Site appearance

During consultation with Fine Renovate, the projects requirements were quickly realised by incorporating shrink-wrap sheeting with a conventional tin roof and as part of the projects brief, Tufcoat also produced branded stickers to allow Fine Renovate to capitalise on the location of the project by turning the sheeting into an advertisement.


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