Plymouth House Wraphix™ Printed Shrink-wrap

Project – Plymouth House, Devon.
Purpose – Weather Protection.
Main contractor – JEM Scaffolding.
Client – Westward Housing Group.
Product – Wraphix™ Printed Scaffold Shrink-wrap

Tufcoat worked with Westward Housing and JEM Scaffolding to weatherproof Plymouth House and ensure that over 70 vulnerable people can remain in residence whilst the £1m refurbishment takes place.

Due to the location of the project, the contractors and client required a product to ensure the roof replacement wasn’t delayed in the winter weather.

It was around this time that Tufcoat Wraphix™ Printed Scaffold Shrink-wrap was being launched by Tufcoat and JEM Scaffolding proposed the concept of using Wraphix™ to Westward Housing to promote all of the various contractors involved with the project, with the dual benefits of increasing project awareness in the city whilst still benefitting from the weather protection of shrink-wrap.

The Installation took place in November and the location presented numerous challenges due to the height of the scaffold and proximity to the sea, wind speeds were recorded at 50mph on site however the elevations held up under the conditions with only minor repairs required.

The Tufcoat installation team completed the project in less than a week, which included the printed shrink-wrap but also sections of white shrink-wrap to infill areas in the temporary roof where the scaffold stepped up allowing the roof stripping and replacement program to continue on schedule.

Following the successful completion of the project, the end result was actually better than what we had imagined. We’ve had major contractors come to us since and ask about who supplied us with the printed wrap. Carlo Cinque – Westward Housing Group

Not only does Tufcoat’s Wraphix™ Printed Scaffold Shrink-wrap allow its customers the regular practicality and function but it is also created using low-density polyethylene, which is less harmful to the environment than PVC or mesh wrapping that would need to have been used for this type of project until Tufcoat’s innovation.

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