Nature Delivered Expansion – Internal Warehouse partition

Nature Delivered, the company behind natural food supplier, acquired an 81,083 sq ft Connect West site at Hayes in 2010.

As part of the expansion to their production line they required a section of the warehouse to be segmented to minimise downtime to the current production line.

Tufcoat provided a team to deliver a bespoke solution never implemented before, using a steel rope tensioning system to create a shrink wrap corner partition.

Internal Warehouse Partition

The system was devised using steel rope which is utilized around the warehouse supporting signage and securing pallets by fastening one section to the floor, and using a specialised clamp to fix to the interior girders. Following this, lines were run along the roof to effectively make a runner system to suspend the sheeting.

The 180m² curtain wall was delivered over a three day period, using 12m x 15m 300µm flame retardant construction grade film to create the internal warehouse partition. The team used mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) to access and install the upper curtain rails and shrink the sheet.

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