Military Equipment Weather Protection – ALC Vehicles

Since exhibiting DSEI in 2013 it has been a focus for the business to identify and provide military equipment weather protection.

ALC provide the Armed Forces with a variety of machinery such as; heavy plant equipment, logistic support and construction machines. ALC looked to find adaptable covers to protect their valuable vehicles while they were stored outside.

The machines that Tufcoat encapsulated were a light wheeled tractor and a roller. Shrink wrap was applied around the vehicles after they had been positioned over the sheeting. It was important that the machines were fully protected as they would face exposure to the elements.

The use of shrink wrap provided a solution that protected the machine’s electrical components from conditions that could cause harm such as the rain and wind. This means that they will be in as good condition when the shrink wrap is removed as they were before it was applied.

Both vehicles used 190μm industrial film. However, the light wheeled tractor had a VCI emitter installed underneath the shrink wrap. The VCI emitter helps to prevent the effect of corrosion on metal by inhibiting the level of moisture in the internal environment, as this reduces the chance of rust developing on the machine’s metal when in storage.

The effectiveness of using the VCI emitter will be measured by comparing the end result of the two objects after the shrink wrap has been removed. ALC have a number of vehicles with the potential need for protection and are using shrink wrap to test its validity as an option for future requirements.

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