Loveridge Rail Bridge scaffold shrink wrap- R H Scaffolding

Railway Bridge scaffold encapsulationProject: Rail Bridge over Loveridge Road
Purpose: Scaffold encapsulation for debris containment
Client: R H Scaffolding
Products: Flame retardant 300µm Tufcoat Shrink Wrap

Tufcoat worked with R H Scaffolding to provide the full installation service for a scaffold encapsulation of a rail bridge over Loveridge Road near Kilburn Station. Shrink wrap will be used to contribute significantly towards improving project safety and efficiency.

Refurbishment works were carried out as part of a project to replace the existing coating on the bridge’s structure. To ensure better adhesion when the new coating was applied, blasting was used to remove the old layer. This raised the issue of having to contain the harmful debris that would be produced.

Rail Bridge scaffold shrink wrap

Working at night to avoid delays to the traffic that uses Loveridge Road, Tufcoat provided the solution. Using 600m2 of our 300µm flame retardant shrink wrap, we encapsulated a scaffold structure around the required work area on the face and underside of the bridge. This created a contained internal work environment, which stopped any blasting residue from reaching the area beneath. This was particularly important to prevent hazards to the public using the active road and footpath below the work area.

Tufcoat faced challenges during the project. Trains running on another bridge parallel to the area the team were working produced a vacuum when they passed by which caused the shrink wrap sheeting to repeatedly detach as it was being fitted. This created difficulties that were successfully overcome by skilful practice from our LUCAS card approved install team.

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