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Whiston Hospital Shrink WrappedThe state-of-the-art Whiston Hospital has been developed alongside the St. Helens Hospital, in a £350 million PFI redevelopment programme. These plans were developed in the aim of providing world class healthcare facilities for the people of St. Helens, Knowsley and Halton, specialising in burns treatment and plastic surgery.

Remedial works were required on the hospital, 3 years after completion, and have been undertaken by Vinci and Harsco contractors. This large project, across numerous zones on the hospital saw a requirement for weather protection and site containment as the public were in close proximity. Also, the building’s vast size and structure being divided in to subdivisions meant that the maintenance work was conducted sector-by-sector.

Tufcoat have completed work on this large on-going process, offering our innovative shrink wrap systems in line with the tight working schedule. The large range of requirements for protection, safety and security have all been matched with our team’s unique experience in applying solutions and developing the best plan of action to meet the customer’s needs.

Our 300µm film has been used to encapsulate the scaffolding structure that surrounds the work. Our expert installation team has been with the project over the whole process and have helped to minimise disruption to the hospital.

This was especially important for this project as the hospital was fully operational, which driven the need for the sector-by-sector schedule.

Initially, this involved erecting the scaffolding structure around the sector and creating the working environment using Tufcoat’s services. Once this was completed the remedial works were undertaken and the next sector was readied whilst this process occurred.

This work schedule allowed maximum output with minimal disruption and Tufcoat seamlessly joined the process to offer solutions that allowed this plan to take place at the peak of its efficiency. This benefit has been matched by our product’s level of protection and ability to shield unsightly views from construction works being undertaken.

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