Cleethorpes leisure Centre – Swimming pool encapsulation – Gelder Group

Tufcoat haGelder Group Swimming pool encapsulationve been involved in a £2.5m construction project at Cleethorpes leisure centre in Coventry. This is the largest overhaul at the centre since it opened in the early 1980s and is co-funded by North East Lincolnshire Council’s Cabinet and a £317,000 grant from Sport England.

The main contractor, Gelder Group, called in Tufcoat to protect the swimming pool while construction was taking place. During the maintenance works the pool hall ceiling was replaced, alongside additional external works. This included replacement of the cladding, fascia and soffits and the over-laying of the roof.

All of this meant that the swimming pool needed protecting from the debris and by-products that would be created during these essential works. Tufcoat took 2 days using a 5 man installation team to provide a suitable containment framework across the length and width of the pool. When the timber frame had been fixed around the perimeter, a floating strapping system was devised to allow the film to be supported on the water. The team covered the area with 190µm industrial grade shrink wrap, creating welds across the width to ensure a single sheet be fitted across the top of the swimming pool.

This unique application provided a solution which fully encapsulated the area meaning that during the entirety of the project the swimming pool could remain undisturbed without the need for its own cleaning and maintenance when finished. This application stands as an exhibition of the versatility of the product and how it can be applied to many different situations.

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