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Tufcoat have workCastell Coch roof restoration projected at the idyllic Castell Coch, a late 19th Century castle, built for the third Marquess of Bute by the architect William Burges. This medieval styled castle, took 16 years to build, with work beginning in 1875.

The contract to repair Castell Coch’s Gallery roof commenced on 16 September 2013 and was completed in December 2013. This three month mission was essential to restore the damage caused to the roof and ramparts after decades of ravaging attacks from the Welsh elements. During this 14-week period the aim of the renovation was to replace the damaged ridge and roof tiles, and to repair timbers and lead-lined guttering. This followed identification of the problems along the ridge tiles that had been caused through frost affecting the current roof that had been installed in the 1970’s.

Measures were taken to provide a safe and weatherproof working environment for the contractor, with the Gallery roof being covered with Tufcoat sheeting and scaffolding throughout the period. Tufcoat used our construction grade 300 micron flame retardant material, covering 210m² across the roof section and 120m² across the rear section, totalling 330m² in 3 days.

Tony Kinson, Conservation and Design Manager for Cadw commented, “Cardiff Scaffolding are working very hard to complete project in time period. Alongside their structures we looked at traditional sheeting options for containment, but took the lead to adopt a product that provided a better solution, as we needed a higher level of containment from a more pliable product.” He went on to add, “When speaking to Cardiff Scaffolding they referred to Tufcoat as flexible, workable and easy to install. There is a real need for this product in the conservation sector where typical maintenance works are being carried out in the winter months with a need for full encapsulation.”

Castell Coch, which receives thousands of visitors a year and plays host to numerous weddings and functions needed to keep the environment safe during operations. It was therefore essential to protect both workers and visitors to the site by using Tufcoat products as a safety screening system to prevent any objects or by-products of the work from falling during the restoration work.

Our products have been increasingly utilized in restoration and maintenance projects at sites of heritage.

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