Tufcoat’s Largest Shrink wrap Encapsulation Job Completed Successfully

Tufcoat has completed it’s largest industrial shrink wrap job to date at Ellesmere Port, near Liverpool, UK.Shrink wrap Encapsulation

Working with a team of our distributors, the giant ‘cold boxes’ destined for the oil and gas industry in Nigeria were completely encapsulated and shrunk tight in four days to provide total protection.

Each cold box is 68 metres (223′) long, 7.5m (25′) wide and 13m (43′) high at the highest point. The modules required complete encapsulation, even underneath, using the extra large shrink wrap film. Because of their dockside location, it was important that the covering could withstand the worst winter weather in this extremely exposed coastal position.

To shrink wrap these large industrial items, a bottom sheet of 8m (26′) wide shrink wrap was rolled out underneath the module and held in place using strapping. Then, our biggest width shrink wrap, the 14m (46′) x 50m (164′) was used to go over the roof and down each side of the module in 14m wide strips. The 14m wide shrink wrap was then heat welded to the bottom sheet of shrink wrap before the entire cover was heat shrunk tight.

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