Train carriage shrink wrap covers

Train carriage shrink wrap covers

Tufcoat are pleased to announce another successful outcome of a shrink wrapping trial.

The latest trial was for the weather protection of train carriages during transport from manufacturer to customer.

Our client had previously used tarpaulins to protect the carriages on their month long ‘around the world’ journey to the customer, but these had been troublesome to fit properly and during the journey had partially disintegrated from flapping in high winds. This had led to water ingress and costly repairs to the product.

Tufcoat visited the factory, designed a solution, supplied the shrink wrap material and trained a team of operatives in the best way of applying the shrink wrap cover.

The shrink wrap cover was no more expensive than tarpaulin and after installation looked a great deal smarter and professional.

Train carriage shrink wrap covers

The feedback regarding the first shrink wrapped carriages received by the customer has been extremely positive. The tight and taught shrink wrap covers remained in place as planned, and the product was completely undamaged.

Shrink wrap covers are ideal for any application where weather protection is essential and gives peace of mind that the product will arrive with the customer in the same condition it left the factory. After transportation, the shrink wrap cover is quickly and easily removed and recycled.