300 micron, Flame retardant, Cream, Scaffold Shrink-wrap, 7m x 15m

Tufcoat 300μm cream shrink-wrap sheeting is manufactured specifically for heavy-duty applications.


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Cream shrink-wrap has been created to offer a blended appearance when the sheeting is next to either Portland stone or magnolia painted buildings.

Available as a 7-meter x 15-meter sheet and supplied as 1.8 meters, centrally folded roll.

Cream shrink-wrap roll size and flame retardant certification make this product suitable for scaffolding shrink-wrap.

Site hoarding can also be colour matched to tie in with the cream shrink-wrap, which adds another detail for a site’s appearance.

7 x 15m rolls can be moved around scaffolding lifts and through scaffold ladder trap doors due to their comparatively low weight, 39kg, by 1-2 men.


Shrink-wrap sheeting is a flame-retardant polythene sheeting which overlaps and welds onto itself to provide a weatherproof barrier.

It is designed to contain dust and small debris, which may be created by work carried out on the scaffold.

It also provides a weatherproof membrane to protect work areas from most weather interruptions (there may be some minor ingress in heavy weather).

Shrink-wrapping is a hot-works activity and should only be completed by trained operatives working under a hot works permit system.

The shrink-wrap will be securely attached to the scaffold structure by:

• Unfurling the sheet over the outside of the scaffold & temporarily clipping it in place.
• Passing the film around scaffold tubes and welding it back onto itself.

Adjacent sheets of shrink-wrap film are joined to each other by overlapping the sheets by approx. 30cm and heating the overlap almost to the melting point of the polythene film and then pushing the sheets together creating a weld. This weld may also be taped with high-tack adhesive tape where the weld is particularly exposed (after shrinking the wrap).

Once a sheet has been secured on all sides it is heated by the installer, shrinking the sheet to give a tight finish.

Weight 39 kg
Dimensions 180 × 30 × 30 cm