Marine Shrink Wrap FAQs

Boat covers for exhibition movementsWhat type of sheeting should I use for marine shrink wrapping?

Our 190µm sheeting is ideal for marine shrink wrap applications. The film comes in 7 different sizes, so is suitable for a wide variety of marine projects big or small. All the Shrink wrap sheeting and accessories you need are available through wholesale, and we can also provide installation and training services.

Can a Rib be shrink wrapped?

Yes a Rib can be shrink wrapped. Using a heat gun to shrink off the film will not cause any damage if it is applied properly.

Does it matter where my boat is when it is wrapped?

The boat needs to be in an area that provides reasonable access, but can be shrink wrapped both on land and while afloat.

Can I access the boat after it has been wrapped?

Yes, Tufcoat can supply zipped door access which ensures the boat can be accessed after it is wrapped.

How do I stop moisture building up?

We can provide self adhesive vents to allow air flow to pass under the shrink wrap cover and reduce the build up of moisture.

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