Skanska Concrete Frame Weather ProtectionTufcoat Scaffold Shrink Wrap can be used to provide construction screens for work that needs weather protection. The normal practice would be to encapsulate the scaffold structure as a whole; however certain projects may have many individual areas such as cladding sections or windows that each require separate protection.

Shrink wrap provides an effective solution to this issue. Our product can be applied to framework around the area in need of protection, providing weatherproof construction screens.

Kier - King's Cross Pancras Square ProjectWe have worked on a number of projects requiring construction screens, such as a The Barts and The London, and King’s Cross Pancras Square. We can supply the Shrink Wrap Materials and accessories, and can also provide a full installation service.

Benefits of using Tufcoat to create contruction screens:

  • Encapsulates work areas, providing weather protection and avoiding disruption to the surrounding area
  • Creates a neat, clean look to a building site
  • Can be applied without the need for a full scaffold framework