Tufcoat can provide shrink wrap for vehicle protection

Using industrial grade shrink wrap for vehicle protection results in a moulded covering, ‘drum tight skin’ and provides peace of mind tshrink wrap for vehicle protectionhat the product will reach the customer in the same condition it left the factory.

Because shrink wrap cannot flap or chafe, it is very durable at motorway wind speeds. Availability in wide width range of films means that even the largest vehicles can be covered.

Wrapping a vehicle is most straightforward when that vehicle does not have to be driven afterwards. This total encapsulation method is most common for smaller vehicles.

For example a deck cargo risks damage from extended exposure to salt spray and deposits from the ship’s funnel, which can be mitigated by using shrink wrapping.

A 12m wide wrap was unfolded over the roof and down each side of the trailer. Since the vehicle needed to be driven to the port, the wrap was then taped around the bottom of the trailer, and around the wheel arches before being shrunk tight.

Zipped doors were installed over vital hatches and doors so that customs could gain access for inspection without damaging the cover.

Even where a vehicle incorporates a cab, it can still be protected. The vehicle is wrapped as if for total encapsulation but before the wrap is shrunk tight, cut outs are made for doors, windows, lights etc.

Where a large cut out is needed, perhaps around a windscreen, the wrap is cut out and then taped using a waterproof tape which means that the rest of the vehicle remains 100% protected.

Where vehicles will be in transit for some time, it is good practice to enable any moisture to escape. Where voids exist underneath the cover, then desiccant sacks are very effective. Alternatively, 3-4 self adhesive air vents will ensure a cross flow of air beneath the cover.

When a vehicle arrives at it’s destination, the wrap is easy to remove and recycle. Because the wrap will only stick to itself and not the item being protected, the cover can simply be cut off. It is good practice to leave a safety knife in the glove box so that the vehicle is not accidentally damaged when the cover is removed.

Tufcoat specialise in the protection of large and ‘awkward’ objects, and provide a full installation service.