Shrink wrapped Bus Shelter

Shrink wrapped Bus ShelterTufcoat have completed another training session and first project with a new customer, ALS Scaffolding.

ALS Scaffolding had been contracted to erect a temporary storage area for a number of antique buses during an exhibition. The scaffold structure was 32 metres (105 feet) long, 9m (30 feet wide) with a height of 7m (23 feet) at the front and 5m (16 feet) at the rear.

Shrink wrapped bus shelter

The normal procedure would be to use corrugated tin sheeting for the roof and flexible ‘Monarflex type’ sheeting for the sides which would take approximately 2-3 days. Using Tufcoat shrinkable scaffold sheeting the entire project was completed in just over one day, a little over half the usual time, despite wet and breezy conditions.

The roof and back section of the structure were completed with three pieces of 12 metre wide film, with the off cuts from these rolls being used to complete the sides.