Shrink Wrap Corrosion Prevention

TShrink Wrap Corrosion Preventionufcoat can supply a film to help prevent corrosion

Metallic corrosion is caused primarily by the reaction of corrosive or reactive atmospheric gases. These atmospheric gases (ozone, hydrogen sulfide, carbonyl sulfide, hydrogen chloride, sulfur dioxide) and the gases (acetic and formic acids) released by wood and corrugate easily combine with metal surfaces causing corrosion and oxidation. Intercept Technology inventor Bell Labs determined that up to 80% of their latent field defects were being caused by, or related to corrosion.

Gases with sulfur and chlorine are the major gases causing corrosion. Preventing corrosion means keeping these and other reactive gases from contacting the metal surfaces. Keeping these gases away from the metal surfaces will keep the surfaces clean and free of oxidation and corrosion. How do you effectively keep the gases away? The answer is Intercept Technology – utilising a revolutionary approach of inserting highly reactive copper into the polymer matrix.

This backbone of copper forms a reactive barrier to the gases. Because of this torturous path through the copper it is impossible for these gases to pass through Intercept to attack what is inside the shrink wrapped film. While inside the envelope, the Intercept acts as a preferential corrosion site reacting and cleansing trapped air, making a safe micro-environment for your stored/shipped objects. It protects best when the item starts clean and the inside environment is kept dry.

Intercept also protects against static electricity – the silent killer of electronics.


  • ESD and CDM safe

– In the ideal ESD range

  • Environmentally and Personnel friendly

  • Uses no oils – No VOCs, Not a VCI!

  • Recyclable as colored polyethylene

  • Works hot or cold, wet or dry: Unaffected by outdoor shipping/storage temperatures or humidity extremes

  • Non-Contaminating and Non-Outgassing: Safe for all plastics and optics (unlike VCIs) – contains no amines or nitrites


Intercept has been used successfully for years protecting everything from satellites; sensitive guidance systems; optical switches; weapons; major works of art; sculptures; silver; rubber components; paper; and even guitar strings. The copper in the material also helps control the formation and growth of molds and mildew when in intimate contact with the surface. One hallmark of this new polymer class is that it is so versatile.

Bell Labs developed Intercept Technology to better protect their own systems. They discovered that corrosion weakens electrical components, making them more sensitive to ESD effects. Also, corrosion adversely effects solderability – it is very difficult to solder through corrosion or oxidation.

Intercept keeps surfaces pristine, enhancing solderability and extending useful operating life of the electronic system or component. Intercept Shrink film is only available from approved distributors. Intercept is Ideal for military & commercial aviation, boats, equipment, and materiel shipment/storage and provides three-way protection, using only 1 product.

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