Shrink Wrap Boat Transport Cut Outs

Boat Transport Cut OutsA nice touch can be applied when shrink wrapping boats for road transport, particularly where the shrink wrapped boat will be lifted on to the truck at a later point.

The truck driver will normally need to attach his tie down strops at least to the cleats at the bow and stern. If the boat has been shrink wrapped in advance then the driver may simply use his knife to cut a hole where he thinks the cleat is. If he gets it wrong, a large hole may be created in the shrink wrap cover.

Even if the location of the cleat under the shrink wrap cover is guessed correctly first time, the result is going to be an untidy hole that might collect air and weaken the cover.

As an alternative, before the shrink wrap cover is applied, simply mark the position of the cleats on the hull using a small piece of tape. Once the shrink wrap boat cover has been applied and shrunk down, a safety knife is used to cut an appropriately sized hole which will allow the truck driver to secure his strops.

To strengthen the hole and create a professional appearance, simply run a piece of adhesive tape around the hole.