Marine Shrink Wrap – Transport protection for Princess Yachts

Princess Yachts Marine Shrink Wrap EncapsulationPrincess Yachts International approached Tufcoat. The luxury yacht manufacturer needed to ensure that their products remained in immaculate condition during long road journeys to customers throughout Europe in order to prevent time consuming and costly cleaning & repairs.

Tufcoat provide two alternative solutions for Princess Yachts. Where an end customer does not require that the shrink wrap cover be re-usable then Tufcoat provide a standard marine shrink wrap encapsulation of the yacht’s superstructure and hull using a 190 micron, white, shrink wrap film. For a typical 15m (50′) long vessel, Tufcoat use a 12m (40′) wide shrink wrap film which is trimmed and welded ‘in situ’ before being heat shrunk ‘drum tight’ to provide a tight fitting cover that will not flap and self-destruct even at motorway wind speeds. Once the yacht arrives at it’s destination, the shrink wrap cover is removed and recycled.

An alternative solution is provided where an end customer would like to re-use the shrink wrap cover. In this instance, Tufcoat pre-fabricate a ready to fit cover (including zipped access doors and air vents if required) which is simply placed over the vessel and heat shrunk drum tight. This type of cover utilises patented ‘Transhield’ shrinkable material which combines a regular shrink wrap layer on the outside with a unique non abrasive layer fabric on the inside to provide surface protection to grade A standards. The customer is able to remove the cover for inspection of the boat upon arrival and then be re-apply the cover for ongoing protection.

Whichever solution is employed, shrink wrapping boats in this way ensures that customer expectations are exceeded and costly visits by the manufacturer to undertake repairs and cleaning are eliminated.