Installing shrink wrap cover air vents

Shrink wrap cover air ventsNew customers are often concerned about the possibility of condensation inside shrink wrap covers causing damage to the product being wrapped.

Because shrink wrap covers are so effective at creating a weatherproof barrier, those who have not used shrink wrap cover believe the shrink wrap will also trap any moisture inside the cover.

However, using self adhesive air vents for shrink wrap covers ensures a circulation of air underneath the cover and keeps the product dry.

A range of self adhesive vents are available. The normal procedure is to use a safety knife to cut an appropriately sized hole in the finished shrink wrap cover. Once the hole is cut, the self adhesive vent is placed over the hole and pressed in place. In very cold situations, warming the plastic or the self adhesive backing of the air vent will help secure the vent to the cover.

The shrink wrap vents are very effective. In one instance a large motor yacht was shrink wrapped whilst wet. Two weeks later we returned to the vessel, went aboard and the decks were dry with no condensation inside the cover.

For short term applications such as 1-2 weeks, shrink wrap air vents may not be necessary but for applications where the product needs to be protected for a long period of time then they are invaluable.