Generator Shrink Wrap Debris Protection

Generator Shrink WrapWe were asked to shrink wrap a couple of large V16 generators.

The generators were being installed as back up power for an IT facility. Although the generators had been installed, we were asked to shrink wrap them to protect against dust and debris whilst construction work was finished. The customer had considered using tarpaulins to cover the generators but these were costly and could not be guaranteed to keep all of the dust out.

The generators were quite an awkward shape, with a large radiator at one end. It was decided to pull the shrink wrap over the radiator end first. As well as being the highest point, the shrink wrap could not easily slide off whilst it was being positioned and unfolded.

The 19mm woven strapping was run around the base of each unit and tightened. The shrink wrap was then folded around this strapping and heat welded on to itself. In this way the shrink wrap film was held tightly around the base of the generators.

Despite the many corners and edges during the generator shrink wrap, the 190 micron shrink wrap proved to be ideal and there was no requirement for any additional padding.

Because these units were well protected against wind etc, it was not considered necessary on this occasion to shrink the top of the covers. If these units were being shrink wrapped for road transport then it would be very important to shrink the cover as much as possible so that there was no possibility of the cover flapping and becoming damaged.

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