How to create a shrink wrap weld

The video, shot during actual boat shrink wrap jobs, introduces some basic techniques for those who are completely new to shrink wrapping boats and other large products.

In the video, a Princess Yachts V42 is being shrink wrapped to protect it against damage during a long road journey from England to a customer in Russia. This video picks up the shrink wrap process about half way through. A ‘perimeter band’ of rope or strapping has already been run around the boat, just below the waterline.

A 12m wide,( approx. 40′), 180 micron shrink film has been unrolled along the top of the boat and unfolded down each side.

Then the shrink film has been tucked around the perimeter band ready for ‘welding’. This video shows the welding process taking place. Once the shrink wrap has been welded all around the bottom of the boat the cover is ready for shrinking, which is shown in the other video.