Canterbury Cathedral Conservation Project

Canterbury cathedral is built in the form of a double cross, with a main central tower that overlooks two additional west towers. Work was required on the south oculus of one of these tower’s beautiful stain glass windows.

The work was needed in order to clean a century’s worth of dust and grime that had built up, with the removal of corrosive products also required. The works involved the delicate task of removing the glass with a new metal frame being added before the refurbished glass was carefully put back in to place.

This work meant that a clean and encapsulated environment was required to undertake the precision work and protect both the internal and exterior areas. Tufcoat undertook the project and 2 members of our installation team delivered a perfect solution which cocooned the scaffolding; creating a perfect working environment through effectively sealing in the works.

Tufcoat’s 300µm film solution not only protected the team and windows whilst undertaking the work, but also meant that the precious internal features of the cathedral where protected from any of the harmful by-products of the project.

Additional benefits where felt through the taut product not being susceptible to flapping in the wind and creating noise in the tranquil environment. Tufcoat’s white sheeting also allowed enough light through to allow work to be conducted.

This work on a priceless artefact circa 1178-80 exhibits the versatility of the Tufcoat range and how such a specialised brief can be seamlessly achieved by us and our skilled installation team.

Shown below is actual footage from the restoration teams efforts to renew the cathedral widows.