Boat shrink wrap for work shelters, tents and temporary buildings

Shrink wrap for work sheltersShrink wrap can be used to to encapsulate structures to form work shelters, tents and temporary buildings

Boat shrink wrapping describes the technique of using a heavy duty marine grade plastic film to create a moulded covering that fits, ‘as tight as a drum skin’. Whilst shrink wrapping services are mainly required to protect boats during road transport and storage, the material is often used for creating work shelters and tents.

Using shrink wrap for work shelters enables work to take place on vessels during bad weather, reducing costs and enabling the project to be completed to schedule. The shrink wrap, with it’s heat fused seams, also contains any dust and debris and minimises the disruption to other vessels nearby.

This application note is intended as a general guide to the application of marine shrink wrap, not as a guide to construction – seek professional advice where necessary!

The Structure

The structure is the key to a successful shrink wrapped work shelter. The most popular materials for creation of the structure or framework are scaffold tube, timber or flexible plastic tube. Where structures will be exposed to high winds for long periods of time then a scaffold or timber structure is recommended. When using scaffold, care should be taken to ensure that there are as few protruding poles and sharp edges as possible to avoid having to cut out and re-welded the shrink wrap around poles.

Shrink wrap

Shrink wrap films are specially formulated with added ultra violet inhibitors to protect wrapped goods against UV damage when stored outside for up to 2 years. Other additives prevent the film from becoming brittle at low temperatures. A zipped access door can also be easily added.